Common Water Damage Facts & Causes You Must Know

When water spills or floods over your place, you should take action to avoid further damage. But first, what are water damage facts and causes of water damage you must know? Elite Clean is here to help you with water damage restoration.

What are the Common Causes of Water Damage?

We cannot live without water. However, excess water is disastrous. There are several causes of water damage. The most common causes include adverse weather conditions such as flooding caused by heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc.

Another cause of water damage is clogged gutters. Gutters draw water from the house when it rains. A gutter clog prevents the free flow of water, causing water to flow onto the walls, ceiling, etc., eventually causing water damage. The failure of a sump pump could also result in unprecedented water damage.

Another cause of damage is water leaks. Water leaks through burst or broken lines whenever pipes get damaged. Loose pipe joints also allow water to leak. A rapid leak can cause more damage faster than a slow one. However, slow leaks are harder to detect and could result in more long-term damage.

Leaking washing machines can also cause damage. Washing machines fed by lines made from braided stainless steel are generally safe. They experience minor water damage issues compared to those with rubber or PVC. The latter quickly wears out and raptures, flooding the system. High volumes of water, if left unattended, can bring immense damage within a short time.

Condensation from the AC is also among the most common causes of damage by water. The air conditioning system drains moisture through the condensate line. If the condensate line is damaged, the conditioner won’t work. The situation is similar when the condensate drain line is clogged with dust or dirt.

A blocked drainage system such as the kitchen sink or bathtub can also cause water damage when it clogs up. The blockage could be grease buildup, toiletries, dirt, or other objects that gradually block the plumbing system. The damage usually results in flooding if not dealt with immediately. Sometimes, poor plumbing systems block water supply lines.

Lastly, a leaking water heater can also cause damage. An old water heater has a high chance of springing and leaking. If water heaters are poorly installed or maintained, they may bring massive damage.


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What Causes Water Damage at Home?

Water damage can lead to soaked carpets, mold, an awful musky smell, and other damages. Water damage issues can only be dealt with when the root causes are identified.

Leaks in plumbing systems cause a lot of damage. A leak in the plumbing system isn’t easy to spot unless it is in a kitchen sink or an area visible to the naked eye. Other leaks may only be visible if the walls become moldy or water leaks through cracks in the wall or floor. Specialized equipment can also be used to see through walls and detect leaks.

Rusty pipes also end up leaking. Rusty pipes should be replaced with new ones to prevent water leaks.

Faulty appliances are another cause of water damage to your home. When washing machines, for example, break down and allow water to leak through the supply system, the water flows out, causing damage. Old water heaters are also responsible for causing water damage.

Blocked toilets also cause water damage from water overflow and backflow. The backflow floods the toilet or bathroom floor when it is flushed. It can also contaminate clean water routes leading to severe illness when consumed. Therefore, it is important to have regular inspections and seek the help of professionals when toilets block.

Burst pipes are another cause of water damage in homes. Pipes burst due to high water pressure, extreme snow, low temperatures, etc. Old and rusty pipes also burst more frequently than new and strong ones.

Septic tank and sewage backup can also cause significant damage. When this happens, it is prudent to seek the help of water damage and restoration experts because they have the right gear, equipment, and expertise to handle blackwater safely.

What are the Effects of Water Damage?

Water damage has several effects, with some fixable by oneself while others will require professional advice.

Mold growth and the spread of mildew are common effects of water damage. Water can also cause structural damage to your home. Structural damage dents the structural integrity of the house and the affected walls. In some instances, it also results in health issues in your family. Standing water, for example, forms a breeding ground for disease-causing organisms and may result in sicknesses. Gray water also has pathogens that are health hazards when ingested. If not discovered in time, a small leakage in water pipes may lead to a high-water bill.

What Causes Water Damage to Walls?

Water destroys walls and forms cracks that may lead to permanent structural damage to the building. Small drips may go undetected until it is too late, and thus it is advisable to call in our experts the moment you suspect water damage.


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How to Prevent Water Damage

Even though we cannot wholly avoid water damage, there are a few tips that can help in preventing water damage. It can begin by sorting out any plumbing issues. Proper maintenance of air conditioning units is also necessary. With proper drainage, flooding would not occur in most instances. Even when floods occur, the effect would not be as disastrous. Regular inspections of pipes, manholes, and other potential causes of water damage are also advisable since it helps discover problems before they get out of hand.

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