How Much Does It Cost To Clean Smoke Damage

Fire is dangerous and also destructive when it goes out of hand. Fire can kill and destroy buildings and also destroy valuable materials and documents in the building. In the event of a fire accident, smoke is also present. Many people have a query about how much does it cost to clean smoke damage.

This is because they are harmful to human beings, causing different degrees of injuries and breathing difficulties. At the same time, they cause severe damage to the properties. Because of the destructive nature of fire, restoring a property that has been damaged by fire and smoke can cause you to spend a lot of money.

Smoke damages can be caused by kitchen fires, improper maintenance of the fireplace, smoking cigarettes indoors, and basically anything that has to do with fire. There is usually a soot buildup when there is thick smoke. This soot can latch onto the wall, fabric of your chairs, and other surfaces in the house. Eventually, after the smoke and everything is under control, this needs to be cleaned up. Unless you are a professional at handling fire damage restoration, the best way to clean up smoke damage is to hire professionals to get it done.

Some of the factors that influence how much you pay for smoke damage cleanup include:

  • The severity of the damage – the first thing smoke damage cleaning professional does is to assess the damages in and around the property. After which, he estimates how much it will cost to clean up the mess. If the damage is severe, you will pay more; if it is less severe, you will pay less.
  • Numbers of affected furniture – the more the furniture in your apartment, the more you will be changed. More furniture means the cleaner will have more work to do. Also, the curtains and rugs are taken into account.


fire damage restoration cost


  • How long the damage has occurred – it is better to act fast on cleaning up the damage. Cleaning up smoke damage after a long time can worsen the condition of the area affected and can also become very difficult to do.

Smoke damage cleanup and repair processes

The smoke damage repair process can be tedious, and it can cost $4-$6 per square ft when charged altogether. It involves cleaning up the mess after smoke damage and making the property look like the incident never occurred.

The process of smoke damage cleanup involves:

Water damage clean up

When there is a fire accident, the sprinkler system in the house is activated. And in some cases, water is used to put out the fire. There is a need to clean up the water and fix the damages the water might have caused to the wallpaper, carpet, or other things in the house. Fixing water damage can cost between $1,000 – $3,000.

Soot removal and clean-up

Soot will be produced when a fire burns a material, especially synthetic materials. After putting out the fire, and the spoke, the soot remains unless it is wiped or washed. Soots can settle on furniture and another surface they come in contact with, causing stains. Soot can be removed using detergents, vacuuming, or blowing the surface.


Soot removal and clean-up


Furniture and textile deodorization

Deodorizing the textiles and furniture affected by smoke can cost between $200-$1000, depending on how much furniture will be deodorized.

Smoke leaves furniture and objects in the affected apartment with an unpleasant odor. A random DIY method of smoke removal might be effective in a small smoke damage case. But when the smoke damage is severe, baking soda might not be enough. Professionals are well equipped. They usually use thermal fogging or an Ozone smoke removal system to infuse chemicals into the furniture to deodorize them.

Carpet cleaning

If a fire occurs and the fire is extinguished with water, the mixture of soot and water can make a mess of your carpets. It requires rigorous scrubbing or pressure washing to make it look neat. Washing the carpet can cost $200-$2,000

Wall paper replacement

In places where wallpaper is used, the wallpaper might need to be replaced to give the apartment a better look. First, the wallpaper damaged by smoke is removed, after which it is replaced. Wall paper replacement can cost over $600 depending on the area where it would be applied.

Duct cleaning

Smoke travels like air, and soot can settle in ducts. It becomes necessary to clean the ducts and vents where soot might have settled or smoke trapped. Cleaning the duct can cost $200 – $600

Wall washing and repainting

Washing the wall is necessary to get rid of dust, soot, and dirt that have accumulated during smoke damage. However, painting the walls with a fresh layer of paint is the best way to give the wall a facelift after smoke damage.

To Review

Paying for a smoke damage cleanup does not have a fixed price. Negotiating for the whole cleanup process can be cheaper than doing the cleanup in bits. Also, to minimize the effect of fire or smoke damage, it is better to act on time!

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