How to Choose Fire Restoration Contractors?

Whether due to a natural disaster, unexpected flooding, or a tornado, a water or fire outbreak can be a life-changing experience. The immediate danger is worrisome as it leaves your home or business needing serious repair. Minor issues can be solely resolved or with the fire department’s help. However, more complex problems such as restoring structural integrity are best solved through the expertise and prowess of a professional restoration contractor.

How to choose fire restoration contractor? Choosing any contractor from your handpicked list will not guarantee a quick resolution or provide good results. Selecting the right restoration contractor should be a process instead of an impulsive decision based on convenience. So, how do you choose the ideal contractor for your restoration needs?

How to Choose Fire Restoration Contractor – 9 Factors

Before you hire a fire damage restoration service, below are some specific questions you can ask any potential vendors.

1) Do they have any credentials and certifications?

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification) designation is integral since it indicates that the restoration company has reached specific standards of excellence. Inquire the restoration company about what certifications they have. Ask for detailed information about what these certifications require and what they mean to your project.

2) How long have they been in business?

You want a service with decades of experience in the restoration business: they know how well to work with your insurance company while providing the best services.

3) How much experience do they have with fire damage restoration services?

Sometimes, restoration services may have a narrow scope of service than you grasp. Does the restoration company you choose have experience in fire damage restoration? Can the contractor handle several such projects?

4) Does it offer turn-key services?

A trustworthy, reliable, and reputable fire damage restoration company aims to simplify things for the client. The restoration company you pick should provide complete services and be zealous or enthusiastic about excellent customer service.


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5) Will the service work directly with your insurance company?

The best insurance companies spare you the annoyance of going to and fro with your insurance company. A professional insurance service has plenty of experience handling insurance claims. It will be willing to work closely with you and your insurance company to make fire damage restoration happen in the most comprehensive, safe, and timely manner possible.

6) Who owns the restoration service?

This may seem unnecessary. Nonetheless, most restoration companies are franchises of large chains, whereas others are family-owned and operated: and have a more bestowed interest in your community. Family-owned and operated restoration companies align with family values of dependability, fairness, honesty, and transparency.

7) Do they guarantee their work?

A restoration service that believes in the quality of its work should offer guarantees. You must inquire about this upfront before any estimates are given. Do they do their job right for the first time? Are they always honest and ethical with the customers?

8) Do they offer free estimates?

Does the restoration company you chose to offer free estimates? This helps eliminate any unpleasant surprises when it comes to pricing.

9) How long with the restoration project take?

Your life is a mess. You deal with the fire tragedy’s hassle, stress, and uncertainty. It is fundamental that the restoration service is upfront and honest about the project’s duration. The process should provide an honest timeframe of when you can expect the job to be completed. Additionally, it should balance the desire to let you return to your property as soon as possible with the vitality of ascertaining you are in a safe environment.

Why Hire a Restoration Contractor from Elite Clean Restoration?

The restoration business is growing remarkably, which puts several companies to the task. However, all restoration companies do not provide top-notch restoration services. The restoration process involves various stages which a professional contractor can only handle. With new businesses in the industry, the majority may fail to meet their customers’ expectations. Nevertheless, when you hire a restoration contractor from Elite Clean Restoration, rest assured that you will receive high-quality services at an affordable price. Visit our site to check out our contractor payment schedule. Some of the other benefits that come along with enlisting our services to include;

  • Valid contractors’ licenses. Licensing and permits are crucial in the construction and restoration business. Several states necessitate that home restoration jobs be done exclusively by licensed contractors. This helps ensure that we provide top-quality work.
  • IICRC Certified contractors. Our skilled and professional contractors utilize proper techniques to remove, clean, and restore damaged building materials.
  • Properly insured business. Our restoration contractors work as part of the insurance process. They are well-acquainted with the particulars of insurance claims.
  • Outstanding and remarkable services. We have been helping our clients throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas with their restoration projects. Visit our website to check our previous client’s testimonials and reviews of our completed work.
  • A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • 300+ 5-star reviews.
  • 24/7 emergency services.
  • We can get to your property in an hour or less.
  • Free estimates.
  • We bill the services offered directly to insurance.

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What Other Restoration Services Do We Offer?

At Elite Clean Restoration, we are ardent and enthusiastic about helping businesses and homeowners restore their homes or business to their pre-loss condition after water damage, mold growth, and other hazardous incidents. As an IICRC certified company in mold remediation, fire damage, and water damage restoration, we utilize the latest training, techniques, and equipment to deliver high-quality services and results that last. Instead of returning your property to normal, we strive to leave it looking better than when the calamity strikes. Your interior will be sparkling clean, safe, and healthy for you and your family or employees.

Our commercial and residential services include;

  1. Water damage restoration
  2. Fire and smoke remediation
  3. Structural drying and dehumidification
  4. Sewage cleanup
  5. Mold removal and testing
  6. Disinfecting and sanitizing (including COVID-19)
  7. Hazardous chemical and biohazard decontamination
  8. Property damage restoration and salvaging (belongings, documents, electronics)
  9. Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Visit our website or contact us today at 317-764-9833 to learn more about our services.

Why Choose Elite Clean Restoration Company as Your Fire Damage Restoration Service?

Fire damage restoration embodies much more than mere repair. In most cases, you have lost a significant part of your house: memories and treasures. Hence, we want you to know that we care for your home or business as if it were ours. Since our inception, we have been a family-owned and operated business, offering affordable and effective restoration services. We take pride in our restoration work, and we warranty that all our personnel embraces our values of dependability, honesty, and transparency. We are only content when we surpass your expectations.

Contact us today to request a free quote and discover why Elite Clean Restoration is the right choice for fire damage restoration.

Repairing home damage after a devastating fire in one of the most harrowing and vexing experiences you will ever have to endure. Not only do you lose treasures but also memories, and we understand that. Our fire restoration service, Elite Clean, is readily available to help you restore your property to its initial condition as safely and quickly as possible. Hiring our quality contractors comes with its perks which areas discussed above. Therefore, if you need help with your project, please call us at 317-764-9833 today.