4 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Fire Restoration

Home fires are a major cause of property damage, injuries, and death across the United States. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of 7 people per day die in house fires in the United States. The NFPA also reports that over 2,500 people are injured each year due to home fires, and property damage due to home fires amounts to over $7 billion annually.

Unfortunately, once the fire has died, problems still lie in wait. With a fire-torn house, restoration is required to make it habitable once more.

That said, if your home has recently been damaged by a fire, attempting to restore it yourself may not be the best option. Fire and smoke damage restoration is a complex process that should be left to professionals.

If you remain unconvinced that this is a professional’s job, here are four reasons attempting to do it yourself could lead to complications:

1. It Requires Specialized Equipment

Cleaning up after a fire is not a simple task. There is more to it than just using a bottle of degreaser and a dust mask. You need specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot residue properly and ensure any lingering health hazards are taken care of. Only a professional, who understands the right way to do this, can make sure the job is done correctly and safely.

2. There’s a Risk of Tossing Salvageable Items

The untrained eye may see many of the damaged items after a fire as useless. Still, with advanced recovery techniques, a fire restoration contractor can help to reduce the amount of loss. Items that cannot be salvaged due to contamination must be disposed of safely to avoid any potential health risks.

3. The Process Can End up Taking Too Long

Rebuilding your house to its pre-fire state is no simple task. You have to go through the things you were able to salvage, get rid of the mess, and fix the damages. Additionally, you must be careful with insurance claims to minimize financial damages. Doing this without help will be a hassle and may even end up causing more problems. For that reason, it is much wiser to hire a contractor who is experienced in restoring homes after a fire. They can handle all aspects of disaster recovery with ease.

4. It May Expose You to Hidden Dangers

After a fire, the air and objects in the affected area can be contaminated with toxic materials from the smoke and soot. Inhaling the smoke and soot can be dangerous, as these materials contain chemicals that can irritate and damage the lungs and other organs. The toxic residue left behind by a fire can also be hazardous if it comes into contact with the skin or is ingested. It is important to take precautions and avoid coming into contact with the smoke and soot left behind by a fire.


Rebuilding your house after a fire is a long and difficult process. For that reason, you should not attempt to DIY the restoration process! Rather, hire a professional contractor who is experienced in restoring homes after a fire to ensure the process goes smoothly and safely. That way, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your home will be restored as much as possible to allow you to live normally once more.

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