Commercial Mold Remediation — Testing and Removal Services

Elite Clean Restoration and Steaming are the area's leading commercial mold remediation experts. If you see or suspect mold growing at your business or another commercial building, call us immediately for full mold remediation with testing and removal services. We will find and fully remove all sources of mold bacteria in your building and dispose of it safely so you can go about your business.

Mold Remediation

Given the right conditions, mold can grow in any building. It can seep into layers of the carpet, walls, doors, and other surfaces. Mold grows and lives only at the right temperature and when higher levels of moisture come into contact with oxygen, they stagnate. Sometimes, it could take weeks or even months for mold to become noticeable in appearance and smell, all while it’s getting to work destroying the bones of your building. Plus, once the mold is found, it could be already infecting the surrounding air, causing a multitude of health problems. Mold is no joke. The second mold is discovered in a building, it should be removed and the area it impacted cleaned up immediately by a professional mold removal service.

Mold Cleanup Services

If mold is not cleaned and removed properly, it can spread to other parts of the building very easily. Professional mold services will find and kill all instances of the mold bacteria. They’ll start at the source of the mold, removing any damaged structures, and then find out if the mold has spread. Professionals must wear masks and gloves, as mold particles can fly around in the air and cause health problems if inhaled. For any non-structural damage, they will then trap and kill the mold with a certified HEPA-filtered vacuum. Finally, anything contaminated by the mold is disposed of, including any personal, decorative, or furniture items near the mold that may have come into contact with it.


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Find the source of the mold


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Wear a mask and gloves if around mold


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Trap and kill the mold - don't spread it


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Dispose of anything contaminated

The Dangers of Working with Mold

The presence of mold can lead to a variety of health conditions, especially if you are in a building with mold a majority of the week. It can also worsen pre-existing conditions. Working in a building with mold can cause:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Sinus Infections
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory Illness
  • Headaches
  • Skin Rash
  • And More

Plus, prolonged exposure to mold can make these conditions flare up more often or worsen overall, harming your health. If you see or suspect any mold in your commercial building, call Elite Cleaning immediately to get it professionally removed before you, your employees, or customers experience any of these health conditions.

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The Benefits of Professional Mold Cleanup

If you find mold in your commercial building, have it removed immediately so you can start working comfortably again. Hiring a professional service to come and restore your building from mold damage is beneficial as they will:

  • Stop the spread of the mold spores from damaging other parts of your building
  • Give the mold less time to impact people’s health
  • Find mold that may have spread but is not visible at a glance
  • Remove and dispose of anything that mold came into contact with
  • Get rid of all mold spores safely with the proper equipment

Don’t ignore mold problems or try to solve them on your own. Hire a professional service to come and clean it up for you safely.

Commercial Mold Cleanup

Mold restoration services will have your commercial building up and running safely again. No more fears of mold spores creeping into people’s lungs, causing major health problems, and no major damage from mold bacteria spreading around. If you see mold in your building, don’t wait. Call your local mold remediation service for immediate mold testing, removal, and clean-up. 

Elite Clean is your number one choice for commercial mold remediation. We also offer residential mold remediation services if you need them. View the full list of the areas we serve, and if you’re not certain if you live within our service area, give us a call to be sure.  Elite Clean Restoration offers a variety of other residential and commercial services from steam cleaning and water damage restoration to hazardous chemical cleanup; we can do it all. Schedule a commercial mold inspection or other cleanup services with Elite Clean today. Call us for a quote.

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