Top 4 Signs Of Water Damage In Basement

Water problems are one of the most common problems we face in our homes, and they are even more common in basements, which are known to be areas prone to such problems. Since the basement is also the foundation of the house, signs of water damage in basement structure are considered damage to the stability of the entire house.

If there is a change in weather, such as heavy rain or snow, or leaking pipes, it is very likely that your basement will be filled with an excessive amount of water that can actually cause damage to the belongings you store there or even become more problematic and cause cracks that endanger the foundation of your home.

While sometimes signs of water damage in basement are pretty obvious as you see an excessive amount of water starting to fill the surface of the basement, sometimes reaching the corner and being considered a flood, other times it is trickier to realize if there is water damage in the basement, which is a common problem for homes and businesses. Given this ambiguity that most people have, in this blog you will find four signs that indicate water damage in your basement.

If you have a flooded basement, or notice issues on your basement floor or on your basement walls, our team at Elite Clean Restoration is here for you.


Mold growth and Musty Odors

You should constantly inspect your home environment for mold or musty odors. Mold forms when the air is moist, which indicates that there is water damage in that area. If the wood absorbs excess water, it means that mold is forming and the entire wall or floor structure is at risk.

The mold forms very often, and it usually forms in cellulose materials because cellulose materials use it as a food source. You need to check for signs of mold, and if you notice mold growing in any part of your home, know that you need to address it immediately.

Although some mold is normal, if there is a lot of it, it can indicate serious water damage, and not only the water damage but the mold itself can be very harmful and cause respiratory problems among other things.


Mold growth


Mold should be inspected regularly and there are professional companies like Elite Clean Restoration that provide mold inspections while using preventative measures to avoid this from happening. Mold and musty smells in a wet basement should not only be considered a warning sign, but also a danger to the health and well-being of those living in the home.

It is best to take care of basement water damage as quickly as possible to minimize issues like peeling paint, excessive musty smell problems, and more intensive flood cleanup. A team from Elite Clean Restoration can help with mold remediation, understand issues with foundation cracks or hairline cracks, and help to resolve water stains and damp air matters.

There is an unusual smell in the basement

We don’t usually keep our basement clean because this part of the house is known to be less organized than the rest of the house. This is the case in many families and even though we don’t give this part of the house much care, we need to constantly check its smell. If there is an unusual smell in the basement, it may be a sign of mold growth and mold is indeed a sign of water damage.

Mold is often associated with a certain odor, and if you’ve ever encountered mold, you know that smell. So, even though mold may be invisible or difficult to detect, you will notice its presence by the odor it emits on the surface.

If there is an unusual odor and you are not sure where it is coming from, you should monitor it daily and see if it goes away. If you find that it is still there or is getting worse, contact a company that can help you solve the problems with your water system.

Changes in the walls, floor, or foundation

There are obvious signs of water damage and you may notice them in different parts of the basement, such as the walls, floor, or foundation. You may notice that there are cracks, which indicates that the water damage has actually affected the structural integrity of the foundation and that it puts your entire home at risk. The width of the cracks determines whether or not we should be concerned. Wide cracks show that a lot of damage has already taken place in the wall or where they appeared.

To know whether to panic about the crack, you should contact a professional and see if the width of the crack should really be a cause for concern. Cracks are more often found at the bottom of the basement, in the corners, or even near the windows.


These areas should be carefully inspected on a regular basis and especially when we doubt that there is water damage. In addition to cracks that we must take seriously, we must also consider that stains are another sign. It is sometimes difficult to monitor the basement and check for some discoloration since we usually go there at night, but it should become our routine.

Cracks sometimes form, but walls can also become discolored, which is a sign of water damage in that area. If you notice such stains, usually brown in color, be aware that it is the result of water damage and should be further inspected by a professional. These stains can appear on drywalls and should be taken seriously.

There is too much water in the basement

This is an obvious sign, but if you notice that there is water in your basement that is constantly sitting there and not finding a way to drain (even though it seems to be disappearing), this is a sign of water damage that needs to be taken seriously. It could be a change in weather conditions or it could be a deeper problem, and either way, it needs to be monitored closely.


Too much water in the basement


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