7 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

It is important to keep your air ducts clean all the time because if they are left dirty for long, debris, dust, and dirt can accumulate and block the ducts. This will make your HVAC inefficient or damage it and worst of all; filthy air ducts can pose a danger to your health. If you don’t know how to tell that your air ducts are dirty, here are the signs your air ducts need cleaning:

1. Strange Noises Emanating From The Air Ducts

One of the tell-tale signs that it is time to clean your air ducts is hearing an unusual noise from the direction of the ducts. Over time, you will know the normal sound of an HVAC so it will not be hard for you to notice when it changes. The air duct is not supposed to produce too much noise. It should only have the sound of a motor and if there is something more than that then you need to give your ducts a closer look and clean them.

2. Presence Of Vermin, Rodents, Or Insects In Your Air Ducts

When insects attack your house, you will notice their presence because they are irritating and harmful. Despite being tiny, they can cause a lot of destruction in a home so the faster you can get rid of them the better. A rodent infestation is just as destructive and unsettling.

To make matters worse, they might leave droppings inside the HVAC unit or even die in your aid ducts which can lead to problems such as bad odors. If your home has a pest infestation, it is time that you cleaned your ducts.

3. Your Energy Bills Have Increased

If you are a keen person, you may also notice that your heating and cooling system will start up more times than it normally does. The HVAC may also take longer to perform the work it is designed to do. However, most people won’t notice such subtle changes in their AC machines so they will only know about the problem when they receive the energy bill.

When the air ducts get blocked, the free flow of air becomes compromised so the air is unable to move freely from the heating and cooling unit forcing the furnace and AC to utilize extra energy to maintain optimum temperatures in the house.


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4. Presence Of Mildew And Mold Within Or Outside Your HVAC Unit

Mildew and mold are dangerous because they worsen allergies and respiratory diseases. They also spread rapidly in the house. When condensation accumulates in your heating and cooling system, it could cause mildew and mold to grow. This means you need to act swiftly if you see mold near your AC units and vent covers. Besides cleaning your ducts, it will also be wise to invest in a home humidifier because these organisms thrive in wet places.

5. Your Air Filters Are Blocked

If you realize that you are changing your heating and cooling system’s filters too often, it could be a sign of a worse underlying problem. It is essential to change your filters occasionally; nevertheless, it is not normal for them to get clogged just a few days after you have replaced them. It is time to get your air ducts cleaned if you are experiencing this problem.

6. Vents And Ducts Are Blocked By Debris And Dust

When you switch on the heating and cooling systems, normally, you may not see any dirt particles coming out of the duct. But when the air ducts are full of debris and dust, you are likely to see some dust around the HVAC when the unit is operating. This should tell you that the system is too dirty and needs a proper cleaning.

7. A Bad Smell From The Ducts

A bad odor coming from the ducts is also another clear sign that you should give the HVAC system a thorough cleaning. If your home smells awful and you can’t trace the source of the smell, your air ducts could be producing a foul smell. Move closer to the ducts and sniff them. The HVAC could be producing a musty smell that comes about when the heat of the AC burns the dust inside the unit.

If grime and dust have accumulated in your air ducts, they will smell while burning. After cleaning the air ducts, use different methods such as burning candles and using essential oils to improve your home’s indoor air quality.


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Benefits Of Hiring A HVAC Or Air Duct Cleaning Services Provider

1. Increases The Lifespan Of Your AC

An air conditioner is expected to function for a certain number of years before it can be replaced. Doing maintenance frequently can help make the HVAC last longer.

Cleaning the air ducts is also helpful because it removes the dust buildup or dirt clogging the duct and preventing airflow. This helps the system to stop overworking which can result in wear and tear. Therefore, the parts in the unit will not get damaged quickly and they will function better in the long term. Also, a longer HVAC system life will enable you to save money since you’ll avoid paying more for replacements and regular maintenance.

2. Lowers Air Conditioning Expenses

Dirty air ducts can make your gas bill and electrical bills increase as we have already learned. Clean air ducts translate to an efficient AC system.  If your system is working efficiently, it means that your heating and cooling bills will reduce and you will end up making huge savings down the line.

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