water damage in home

8 Steps to Take After Water Damage in Home

Water damage in home is one of the most feared disasters among homeowners. Water damage can cause emotional distress as well as significant financial hardship, especially if left unattended. When it comes to water damage, there is no time to waste; mold can form in as little as 36 hours, even from minor water damage.…

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What Health Problems Are Caused By Mold

What Health Problems Are Caused By Mold?

Molds, as dangerous as they can be, are usually not a cause for concern unless mold spores settle on damp spots and begin to grow. Mold spores are tiny particles that circulate in the air. When there are a lot of them, it can cause allergic reactions. Inhaling mold spores can cause allergic reactions. Constant…

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water extraction

Difference Between Water Mitigation & Water Extraction

Water damage is arguably the most common type of property damage that can occur due to the numerous ways it can occur. Internal issues such as an appliance malfunction, a pipe burst, a sewage backup, and other factors can cause it. It can also occur as a result of natural causes such as flooding or…

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exposure to mold

What Are the Steps for Mold Remediation?

Mold is a fungus that grows in any damp and warm environment, both indoors and out. It spreads quickly. It only takes 48 hours to grow and colonize a location in a single day. When mold spores land in a moist environment, they begin to grow and produce irritants, allergens, and potentially toxic substances that…

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homeowners insurance

How To Get Rid of Water Damage Odor?

Water damage is the most common type of property damage, affecting many households throughout the country. It happens when water enters your home’s interior and causes damage, compromising its structural integrity. Leaking pipes, clogged gutters, faulty appliances, clogged drainage systems, rain, melting snow, and hailstorms are all potential causes. Water Damage Water damage is frequently…

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does air duct cleaning make a mess

Does Air Duct Cleaning Make A Mess?

Air duct cleaning is one of the most important practices that every homeowner should follow in order to maintain indoor hygiene. Furthermore, many homeowners believe that routine duct cleaning is critical to the health of their families. If you have a ducted air system in your home, you’ve probably considered how frequently and how to…

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what is water extraction

What Is Water Extraction?

Water damage is a notorious and often destructive occurrence that most homeowners fear, ranging from sewage backup and plumbing issues to flooding. When water damage occurs, every minute counts because you must act quickly to mitigate the problem and prevent further damage. Whether it’s a pipe leak or a natural disaster, excess water must be…

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how to clean up after a fire

How To Clean Up After A Fire Damage?

Dealing with the aftermath and realities of a house fire can be stressful and frustrating, as fire damage is an emotionally draining experience. However, thanks to the fire department and home fire safety measures, not every house fire case results in total devastation. Though the cleanup process may be lengthy, we’ve compiled a list of…

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mold removal and remediation

What Is the Difference Between Mold Removal and Remediation?

Whether your home was flooded as a result of a major storm or you have a leaking pipe somewhere in your plumbing, the effects of water entering your home can be disastrous. Water has the ability to cause severe damage to anything it comes into contact with, including your home’s structural elements. Another problem that…

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how long does it take to dry out a house after a flood

How Long Does It Take to Dry Out a House After a Flood Coverage

When any of the world’s natural elements start to wreak havoc on your home, the effects can be devastating. Wind, water, and fire are all common culprits of severe damage to a home or property, and it takes the expertise and skills of experienced fire and water damage restoration specialists to ensure you are able…

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