damp drywall

Do You Need to Replace Ceiling Drywall After a Leak?

A leaking roof or ceiling can be a major issue, especially if the leak is directly above your living room. Many homeowners attempt to repair their ceilings without replacing the drywall, but this isn’t always the best solution. Several factors influence if you need to replace ceiling drywall after a leak. This article will go…

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signs your air ducts need cleaning

7 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

It is important to keep your air ducts clean all the time because if they are left dirty for long, debris, dust, and dirt can accumulate and block the ducts. This will make your HVAC inefficient or damage it and worst of all; filthy air ducts can pose a danger to your health. If you…

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Can Black Mold Be Removed Permanently From a House

Can Black Mold Be Removed Permanently From a House?

If you’ve ever stayed in a damp, musty basement or attic that wasn’t properly ventilated, you’re familiar with the dangers of black mold. Black mold, also known as toxic or poisonous mold, thrives in moist environments and feeds on wood and other organic materials. If left untreated, this mold can spread to other areas of…

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mold growth

Top 4 Signs Of Water Damage In Basement

Water problems are one of the most common problems we face in our homes, and they are even more common in basements, which are known to be areas prone to such problems. Since the basement is also the foundation of the house, signs of water damage in basement structure are considered damage to the stability…

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water in basement what to do

Water In Basement- What To Do?

Surprisingly, many homeowners have returned home to find a pool of murky water in their basement. Water is unstoppable when some cracks or leakages permit its free flow. For numerous reasons, the basement is the most frequently flooded home region. Natural flooding and strong rain easily penetrate basements through cracks in the foundation. Other openings…

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how much does it cost to clean smoke damage

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Smoke Damage

Fire is dangerous and also destructive when it goes out of hand. Fire can kill and destroy buildings and also destroy valuable materials and documents in the building. In the event of a fire accident, smoke is also present. Many people have a query about how much does it cost to clean smoke damage. This…

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Causes Of Water Damage

Common Causes Of Water Damage You Must Know

Water damage is a significant issue. These water damage events can occur for a wide range of reasons. Common causes of water damage include washing machines, water heaters, clogged gutters, burst pipes, and issues with water supply lines. In some cases, individuals will even witness a septic tank overflow or another issue with their plumbing…

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house fire

Fire Damage Restoration Process – A Complete Guide

A fire accident is often unprecedented, and the aftermath can be devastating. Besides the threat to human life, fire accidents often leave a lot of property damage in their wake. The financial implications of damaged properties are only one of the many difficulties for home or business owners. Cleaning and decluttering is another heavy burden…

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fire at home

How to Choose Fire Restoration Contractors?

Whether due to a natural disaster, unexpected flooding, or a tornado, a water or fire outbreak can be a life-changing experience. The immediate danger is worrisome as it leaves your home or business needing serious repair. Minor issues can be solely resolved or with the fire department’s help. However, more complex problems such as restoring…

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causes of water damage

Common Water Damage Facts & Causes You Must Know

When water spills or floods over your place, you should take action to avoid further damage. But first, what are water damage facts and causes of water damage you must know? Elite Clean is here to help you with water damage restoration. What are the Common Causes of Water Damage? We cannot live without water.…

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